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What Priznaki Jaichnikovoj Kisty?

Yaichniki are found in a female reproductive body and have various functions in a body, such as manufacture of eggs and hormones, such as an estrogen, which vital women for a body for all their life. They are located from both parties of a uterus. Yaichniki - abundance bodies in women. In certain cases a few liquids has filled the form of sacks on a skin or within these bodies. These kisty are usually safe and can even disappear for some next months after their disappearance which were not causing any discomfort from the woman. Though the majority kist is safe, big or what have broken off a pose the main problem with health. More low all-round from yaichnikovykh signs kisty to accept precaution just as to pay less attention on.
Small Kisty are safe, but big can be harmful. These problems caused big, are shown in some ways. These ways include anxiety in a stomach which can be accompanied with a pain, stomach inflating, irregular and unequal cycles which can be heavy from time to time and shine in other cases. Other signs which can be shown, include dysparenia (a pain during dialogue), sharp and serious belly and tazovaya a pain, belief to visit a toilet of more times (caused by the pressure shown on a bubble big kistoy).
It is possible to feel in some unusual cases a pain in tazovoy of a part of a body to or before the period will end or unusual changes on norm which is grown up by your hair of a body and a breast. It is caused by effect kist on quantity of the hormones made yaichnikami, causing acceleration on norm on which body and breast hair grow with sometimes chest offer.
In certain cases, it is possible to test difficult kisty where on can have other syndromes which worsen a situation. Such cases include a case where at everyone is endometriosis - a situation where everyone has cells of alignment of a uterus, are found in other parts of a body - it is possible to feel a pain in a waist and a pain in tazovoy and lower part of a body or if you test mnogokistoznyy yaichnikovyy the disorder (yaichniki, having compound kisty), you can put on weight or test spots.
Other difficult condition which can be tested, is a condition named torsion where kisty grow on a stalk yaichnika and lead to twisting of a stalk which causes blood supply to kiste to be stopped. It is very painful to lower part of a stomach.
Kista it can be broken off also and is painful especially if it has been infected, or it bleeds. The pain also is tested in lower stomach and can depend also on the maintenance kisty.
Cancer - also other probable complication. The youngest kisty show early yaichnikovyy a cancer though only 5 % finish that were zlokachestvenny.
Any of aforementioned yaichnikovykh signs kisty or others as the cold shock which is thoughtless, is a sign of an emergency situation and is a sign that you require visiting of the doctor urgently.

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